Functional Testing

Functional Testing Guide: Fundamentals to the Field

The Functional Testing Guide (FTG) is a practical tool for designers and commissioning providers to help ensure efficiency and performance. Find test guidance and sample tests for air handlers, chillers, boilers, condensers, and pumping systems, as well as advice on how to achieve integrated operation. The FTG supports these publicly available tests with practical advice on acceptance criteria and common problems.

Functional Testing Guide: Checklist Tool and Test Directory

Streamlines access to information in the Functional Testing Guide (FTG). The Checklist Tool provides an abbreviated list of test goals and cautions for 17 various systems and system components covered in the FTG and provides links to relevant sections of the FTG. The Test Directory provides quick access to 95 publicly-available prefunctional checklists, functional test procedures, and test guidance documents.

Design Guide

Control System Design Guide

Provides methods and recommendations for the control system design process and control point selection and installation. The Control System Design Guide also provides a toolbox of templates for improving control system design and specification.

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