The tables below contain direct links to each of the 95 publicly available prefunctional checklists, functional test procedures, and test guidance documents referenced in the Functional Testing Guide (FT Guide). Combined test forms contain both prefunctional checklists and functional test procedures. Each test is categorized based on the system module in which it occurs in the FT Guide. Click the Test Name to open the desired test.

Prefunctional Checklists Column headers
ID# Test Name
78 Cooling Tower Prefunctional Checklist     [X]      
275 Documenting Requirements for Chiller System Startup and Initial Checkout (Example) [X]   [X]      
274 Chiller Prefunctional Checklist - DOE/PECI [X]          
64 Boiler Prefunctional Checklist- Multnomah/Kaplan   [X]        
271 Boiler Prefunctional Checklist - DOE/PECI   [X]        
273 Condenser Water Piping Prefunctional Checklist     [X]      
77 Pump Prefunctional Checklist   [X]   [X]    
52 AHU Prefunctional Checklist - Multnomah/Kaplan         [X]  
269 Air Handler Unit Prefunctional Checklist - DOE/PECI         [X]  
283 Packaged Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Unit Prefunctional Checklist         [X]  
1007 Verification Checks Checklist         [X] [X]
286 TAB Plan Review Checklist         [X]  
413 Test and Balance Checkout Procedure         [X]  
278 Building Automation System Prefunctional Checklist           [X]
Functional Test Procedures Module System
ID# Test Name
295 Chiller System Functional Test [X]   [X]      
296 Chilled Water System Sequence of Operations [X]   [X]      
1021 Air-cooled Chiller Functional Test [X]          
530 DDC Commissioning Acceptance Procedures: Standard Chilled Water System Start/Stop Control [X]          
291 Packaged Boiler Functional Test   [X]        
292 Packaged Boiler Control Sequences   [X]        
293 Boiler System Functional Test   [X]   [X]    
297 Emergency Power System (comprehensive form)           [X]
298 Emergency Power System (short form)           [X]
Combined Forms: System-Level Prefunctional Checklists and Functional Test Procedures Module Systems
ID# Test Name
362 Chilled Water System Verification Test Procedure [X]   [X] [X]    
89 Standard Functional Tests for Chilled Water Systems [X]   [X]      
83 Chiller Pre-functional Checklist and Functional Performance Verification [X]          
189 Chiller Procedures [X]          
494 Packaged Air-Cooled Chiller [X]          
537 Verification and Functional Performance Test Plan for Energy Management System (Boiler and Chiller Sequence of Operations) [X] [X]        
96 Standard Functional Tests for Heating Water Systems   [X]        
188 Standard Commissioning Procedure for AHUs         [X]  
289 Cooling Air Handling Unit Functional Test         [X]  
488 HVAC Air-Side Procedures         [X]  
1019 Small Packaged Rooftop DX Unit Test         [X]  
302 Large Packaged Rooftop DX Unit Test         [X]  
200 Standard Cx Procedure for EMCS           [X]
115 EMS Standard Cx Procedure           [X]
521 General Cx Acceptance Procedure for DDC Systems           [X]
511 General Cx Acceptance Procedure for DDC Systems: Forms           [X]
522 General Cx Acceptance Procedure for DDC Systems: Examples           [X]
531 Verification and Functional Performance Test Plan for EMS           [X]
Combined Forms: Component-Level Prefunctional Checklists and Functional Test Procedures Module System
ID# Test Name
276 Chilled Water Piping Prefunctional Checklist [X]          
420 VFD Pump Application       [X]    
1009 Hot Water System Pump Test [X] [X] [X] [X]    
1010 Chilled Water System Pump Test [X] [X] [X] [X]    
1011 Condenser Water System Pump Test [X] [X] [X] [X]    
1012 Data Collection Procedures for Hot Water Heating Pumps   [X]   [X]    
272 Calibration and Leak-by Test Procedures [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]  
281 Fan-Coil Unit Prefunctional Checklist   [X]        
282 Heating Water Piping Prefunctional Checklist   [X]        
294 Cabinet Unit Heater Functional Test   [X]        
300 Fin Tube Radiator Functional Test   [X]        
301 Heating Fan Coil Unit Functional Test   [X]        
418 Unit Heater Functional Test   [X]        
1001 Economizer Evaluation Test         [X]  
1008 Functional Performance Test: Airside Economizer         [X]  
495 Economizer Procedures         [X]  
1002 Exhaust Fan Startup Test         [X]  
280 Exhaust Fan Prefunctional Checklist         [X]  
103 Standard Functional Tests for Exhaust Fans         [X]  
214 Exhaust Air Heat Recovery System Procedures         [X]  
288 Variable Frequency Drive Prefunctional Checklist         [X]  
419 Variable Frequency Drive Functional Test (VAV Fan Application)         [X]  
243 VFD Procedures         [X]  
287 Terminal Unit Prefunctional Checklist         [X]  
414 VAV Cooling only TU Functional Test         [X]  
415 VAV Dual Duct with Series Fan TU Functional Test         [X]  
416 VAV Dual Duct TU Functional Test         [X]  
417 VAV with Hot Water Reheat, Single Duct TU Functional Test         [X] [X]
114 Terminal Unit Prefunctional Checklist and Functional Test Procedures         [X]  
1003 Plenum Leakage Test Procedure         [X]  
1004 Rain Penetration Functional Test         [X]  
1006 Outdoor Air Intake Verification Checks         [X]  
1013 Envelope Leakage Test-High Rise         [X] [X]
1014 Envelope Leakage Test-Low Rise         [X] [X]
1016 Freezestat Example Test 1         [X] [X]
1017 Freezestat Example Test 2         [X] [X]
1018 Combination Fire & Smoke Test         [X] [X]
1005 Relative Calibration Test           [X]
Testing Guidance Documents Module Systems
ID# Test Name
TG03 Pump Performance and Impeller Trim Analysis [X] [X] [X] [X]    
TG10 Valve Leak-By [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]  
TG16 Writing a Functional Test (general guidance) [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]
TG14 Radiant Floor Heating   [X]       [X]
TG01 Rain Penetration         [X]  
TG04 Fire and Smoke Control Systems         [X] [X]
TG05 Small Packaged Rooftop Units         [X] [X]
TG11 Large Packaged Rooftop Units         [X] [X]
TG06 Freezestat         [X] [X]
TG08 Underfloor Air Distribution Plenum Pressurization         [X]  
TG09 Air Handling Unit Reset Strategies         [X] [X]
TG12 Envelope Leakage         [X] [X]
TG13 Demand-Controlled Ventilation         [X] [X]
TG15 Terminal Units-Variable Volume System Flow         [X] [X]
TG02 Relative Calibration           [X]
TG07 System Recovery from Power Failure           [X]

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