Appendix E: Test Sources


Source Description

Document Description


Prepared by Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. as a part of the Functional Test Guide, Version 1. Sponsored by the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research program, and by the Department of Energy.

Functional Testing Guide – Version 1 (2003)

As a part of the first version of the Functional Testing Guide, a handful of original tests were developed, and presented in conjunction with the technical resources presented for Air Handling Systems.

CoolTools /PG&E/ Taylor


Prepared by: Taylor, Steve; Dupont, Paul; Jones, Bruce; Hartman, Tom; Hydeman, Mark; Charles Eley-Editor; Prepared for Pacific Energy Center CoolTools Project

CoolTools Chilled Water Plant Design and Performance Specification Guide

This document discusses the energy efficiency issues related to the design and purchase of a chilled water system. Annex H: Verification Test Procedure provides functional test procedures for typical sequences of operation for various plant equipment.

DOE Annex 47/PECI

Prepared by: Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. for the Dept. of Energy as a contribution to the International Energy Agency Annex on Cost-effective Commissioning of Low Energy Buildings (Annex 47)

The revised version of the Functional Testing Guide contains 14 additional testing guidance documents that cover a wider range of systems and are presented in a new format (see STAC/PECI below for more information) .  Two of these testing guidance documents are related specifically to low energy systems and were funded through the Annex 47 research: demand controlled ventilation and radiant floor heating.

These tests have been added to the Functional Testing Guide as a part of the STAC revisions in 2005 (FT Guide – Version 2).


USDOE/FEMP/PECI Version 2.05 Commissioning Tests, PECI. 1998. Publisher: U.S. Department of Energy and PECI, Portland, Oregon.


USDOE/FEMP/PECI Version 2.05 Commissioning Tests

This a collection of files containing multiple pre-functional checklists, functional test forms, and instructions. The forms are based on sub-systems, which can be used as applicable. The forms are all similar in structure and the types of information required. Each of the pre-functional checklists contain the following sections:

1.  Submittal / Approvals

2.  Requested documentation submitted

3.  Model verification

4.  Physical Installation Checks

5.  Operational Checks

6.  Sensor and Actuator Calibration

Each of the functional test forms contain the following sections:

1.  Participants

2.  Test Prerequisites

3.  Sampling and Additional Testing

4.  Sensor Calibration Checks

5.  Device Calibration Checks (This is a spot check on a sample of the calibrations done during pre-functional checking and startup.)

6.  Verification of Misc. Pre-functional Checks

7.  Testing Procedures and Record

They are intended to provide contractors and the commissioning agent with examples of a format that may be used, and an indication of the rigor of the required pre-functional examinations, functional testing, and documentation for various equipment types. Some of the equipment also has a file with full sequences of operation for reference when viewing the test procedures.

Multnomah/ Kaplan

Prepared by : Mike Kaplan, Kaplan Engineering.

Published by: Multnomah County, Oregon

Multnomah County, Oregon Document Review

This is a loose accumulation of protocols produced by Mike Kaplan for Amy Joslin of Multnomah County, Oregon. They cover all aspects of HVAC and Lighting commissioning tasks for county projects. These standardized procedures fit no real case exactly and that it is critical that the user of these forms (or any standard form) take the time to tailor them to the case at hand.


Prepared by: Portland Energy Conservation, Inc.


PECI has provided 11 functional test procedures from various Cx and RCx projects.  These tests are often found as examples to the testing guidance documents.  The tests have been added to the Functional Testing Guide as a part of the STAC revisions in 2005 (FT Guide – Version 2).


Gillespie, Kenneth. A General Commissioning Acceptance Procedure for DDC Systems. Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Publishing source: Commissioning Test Protocol Library Developmental Release 1.3., November 2001.

A General Commissioning Acceptance Procedure for DDC Systems

PG&E has developed a general commissioning procedure for direct digital control (DDC) systems. The procedure was developed with the assistance of PG&E’s Commissioning Test Protocol Library’s Templates and user input as part of a Library upgrade project.

The procedure includes definitions and terminology; a general description of method(s); required information and conditions for initiating a check or test; recommendations for applying general protocols specific applications; uniform method(s) including identification of test equipment and measurement points for performing such checks or tests; identification of requirements for acceptance; and references and bibliography. The protocols included are not intended to be used “as is” on a specific project, but are to be used as guides for developing project specific protocols that aid the user in verifying that a DDC system has been installed as specified and performs as intended. Specific verification check and functional test forms are provided as well as examples.

PG&E/Malek & Caluwe

Malek, Bill & Caluwe, Bryan. Comprehensive Commissioning Services Guideline. Consultant; Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Rev.0, May 1995, Section 6, 274 pages (never officially published).

Comprehensive Commissioning Services Guideline.

This document details a utility design assist/build program to promote the installation of energy efficient technologies in existing commercial buildings. It details the process and duties of the participants. It includes program requirements and documentation, inspection, verification and functional performance checklists and design and O&M issues. This document has never been officially published and only one complete hardcopy copy is known to exist. Test Plans are provided for: Daylighting System, Energy Management System, Variable Speed Drive, Efficient Motors, Commercial Refrigeration, # HVAC Air-side, Variable Air Volume, Gas Boiler and Hydronic Heating System, High-efficiency Packaged Air-cooled Chiller, High-efficiency Water Cooled Chiller, and # Thermal Energy Storage.

Seattle City Light/Kaplan

Produced by: Various

Published by: Seattle City Light.

Building Commissioning Assistance Handbook

Seattle City Light, an electric utility in Seattle WA, has developed a commissioning related guideline entitled "Building Commissioning Assistance Handbook", which supports the city's building code requirements and the utilities energy efficiency program. These protocols are a more recent version of Kaplan’s Multnomah County protocols. The Building Commissioning Assistance Handbook can also be accessed online at:


Prepared by Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. as a part of the Functional Testing Guide, Version 2. Sponsored by the Dept of Energy’s STAC initiative.

Functional Testing Guide – Version 2 (2005)

The revised version of the Functional Testing Guide contains 14 additional testing guidance documents that cover a wider range of systems and are presented in a new format. These testing guidance documents describe test preparation, how to conduct the test, cautions when testing, and include linked examples of test forms.