10. Elements of a Functional Test

Based on current best practice, a functional test should include all of the following components:

       Test name

       General documentation of the building, system, actual test conditions, personnel involved, time, date, etc

       Conditions under which the test is to be performed

       Test duration

       Data to be gathered

       Instrumentation methodology and locations

       Data acquisition requirements including tolerances, number of samples, etc

       Results to be obtained, including some method of documentation and any analytical calculations required

       Measurable acceptance criteria

       Precautions associated with executing the procedure

       Description of the test procedure steps in the order they are to be performed including:

1   The prerequisites required to be ready to perform the test.

2   The steps necessary to prepare for the test.

3   The actual steps in the test process.

4   The steps necessary to return the system to normal operating status.

5   Instruction regarding information that needs to be documented and a place to record this information.

In actual practice, some of the components may be addressed informally through meetings and field discussions.