17. Supplemental Information

Supplemental information regarding the following topics has been developed to provide necessary background information for functional testing.

       Air Handler Example Sequence of Operation (referenced in Section 4.2)

       Seismic Restraint Issues (reference in Section 2.7.1)

       Industrial Personnel Safety (referenced in Section 12)

See also: 18. Functional Testing Basics - Supplemental InformationBevel: Chapter 2 Supplemental Information

[1]   Typically, it will take several weeks or even months for the balancing agency to assemble the field data into a final report. However, the raw data and field forms contain all of the information required by the commissioning provider and should be available immediately after the balancing work. It may be desirable to include language in the balancing contractors specification section or scope of work that directs them to make the raw data available to the commissioning team prior to publication of the final report to avoid contractual disputes in the field that could delay the commissioning process.

[2]   Field experience indicates that many systems are kept in operation round the clock simply because of the problems associated with restarting them if they are shut down.

[3]   Paraphrased.

[4]   For example, you may focus more effort on loop tuning or perform a mixed air plenum temperature traverse.