Functional Testing Guide:
from the Fundamentals to the Field

As building systems grow increasingly complex and have tighter construction schedules, designers and commissioning providers need practical tools to help ensure efficiency and performance. The Functional Testing Guide: from the Fundamentals to the Field is such a tool.

Commissioning is increasingly recognized as a valuable way to ensure building performance, reduce energy use, and improve indoor air quality, occupant comfort and employee productivity. As the commissioning industry expands, so does the need for tools to reduce commissioning costs and ensure high quality service. The Functional Testing Guide provides both a practical understanding of the fundamentals of building systems and a detailed explanation of functional testing benefits and field tips. The Functional Testing Guide also reviews the energy and performance implications of common problems and provides links to publicly available functional test procedures.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents


How to Use the Functional Testing Guide

Functional Testing Basics

System Modules

Air Handlers

Air Handling System Reference Guide





Integrated Operation and Control


Appendix A - Overview of the Commissioning Test Protocol Library (CTPL)

Appendix B - Resources

Appendix C - Calculations

Appendix D - Test Descriptions

Appendix E - Test Sources