Air Handling System Reference Guide

[Previously known as the Functional Testing Guide for Air Handling Systems: From the Fundamentals to the Field]

Table of Contents

1     Outdoor Air Intake

2     Fan Casing

3     Economizer and Mixed Air

4     Filtration

5     Preheat

6     Cooling

7     Humidification

8     Reheat

9     Warm-up

10     Fans and Drives

11     Distribution

12     Terminal Equipment

13     Return, Relief, and Exhaust

14     Scrubbers

15     Management and Control of Smoke and Fire

May 2003

Developed by:

David Sellers, Hannah Friedman, Tudi Haasl

Portland Energy Conservation, Inc.

1400 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 700

Portland, OR 97201

Norman Bourassa and Mary Ann Piette

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

1 Cyclotron Road

Berkeley, CA 94720


This work has been supported by:

The California Energy Commissionís (CEC) , Public Interest Energy Research Program, under Contract No. 400-99-012.

The Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Office of Building Technology, State and Community Programs, Building Technologies Program of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) under Contract No. DE-AC03-76SF00098.

Special thanks to Martha Brook (CEC) and David Hansen (DOE). Ken Gillespie of Pacific Gas and Electric Company led the development of the Commissioning Test Protocol Library, to which the Functional Testing Guide is linked. Appreciation is extended to Marti Frank of PECI for her assistance.

Technical review was provided by the following experts:

Gretchen Coleman, P.E., Engineering Economics, Inc. (EEI)

Jay Santos, P.E., Facility Dynamics Engineering

Karl Stum, P.E., CH2M HILL

Treasa Sweek, P.E., CTG Energetics, Inc.