4. Electrical Testing Resources

Commissioning of a building’s electrical systems and equipment paves the way for successful power failure recovery testing.  Electrical commissioning is beyond the scope of the current guideline, but there are two excellent resources for information on the topic.

n    Manufacturers Recommendations

Most manufacturers include recommendations regarding electrical commissioning for their products in the installation, operation and maintenance manuals.  While specific to the particular product, complying with the recommendations paves the way for integrating the equipment with the over-all response of the system and building it serves during the power failure recovery testing process.

n    InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) Guidelines

Acceptance Testing Specifications for Electric Power Distribution Equipment and Systems, published by NETA provides excellent guidelines for the testing of electrical equipment, including emergency generators, uninterruptible power systems, and automatic transfer switches.  A copy of this document along with other electrical commissioning resources and a bi-monthly magazine can be obtained by going to www.netaworld.org.