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Functional Testing Guide: from the Fundamentals to the Field
Table of Contents
Understanding the FT Guide
Functional Testing Basics
System Modules
    Functional Testing for Air Handlers
       Functional Testing Field Tips
       Testing Guidance and Sample Test Forms
       Air Handling System Reference Guide
          Chapter 1: Outdoor Air Intake
          Chapter 2: Fan Casing
          Chapter 3: Economizer and Mixed Air
          Chapter 4: Filtration
          Chapter 5: Preheat
          Chapter 6: Cooling
          Chapter 7: Humidification
          Chapter 8: Reheat
          Chapter 9: Warm-up
          Chapter 10: Fans and Drives
          Chapter 11: Distribution
             11.1. Theory and Applications
             11.2. Commissioning the Distribution System
             11.3. Testing Guidance and Sample Test Forms
             11.4. Supplemental Information
                11.4.1. Duct Fittings and Pressure Drops
          General Rules
          Fans and System Effect
          Duct Fittings
          Flex Duct
          Manual Balancing Dampers
                11.4.2. Fire and Smoke Dampers
                11.4.3. Air Hammer
                11.4.4. Duct Leakage
                11.4.5. Duct Insulation
                11.4.6. Indoor Air Quality
                11.4.7. Under Floor plenums
          Chapter 12: Terminal Equipment
          Chapter 13: Return, Relief, Exhaust
          Chapter 14: Scrubbers
          Chapter 15: Management and Control of Smoke and Fire
    Functional Testing for Boilers
    Functional Testing for Chillers
    Functional Testing for Condensers and Cooling Towers
    Functional Testing for Pumping Systems
Integrated Operation and Control