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Functional Testing Guide: from the Fundamentals to the Field
Table of Contents
Understanding the FT Guide
Functional Testing Basics
System Modules
Integrated Operation and Control
    Appendix A
    Appendix B
    Appendix C
       C.1. Introduction
       C.2.1. Overview
       C.2.2. Equations
       C.2.3. Additional Savings
       C.2.4. Example 1: Airfoil Blade Smoke Isolation Dampers
          C.2.4.1. Horsepower Reduction Calculation
          C.2.4.2. Constant Volume System Energy Savings
          C.2.4.3. Variable Volume Energy Savings Calculation
          C.2.4.4. Extrapolating the Savings
          C.2.4.5. Sample Spreadsheet
       C.2.5. Example 2: Meeting the Fan Horsepower Rating
       C.2.6. Example 3: Measuring the Impact of Turning Vanes
       C.2.7. Case Study: Under 60 Minutes of Effort, Over $60,000 Savings
    Appendix D
    Appendix E